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Las Vegas Ranking Low on Safe Driver List

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Now, there is tangible proof that Las Vegas drivers are some of the worst drivers in the nation. Allstate, a national insurance company, has released their annual America’s Best Drivers Report.

The report ranks Las Vegas in the bottom third in the nation when it comes to good drivers.

Las Vegas drivers have been known to eat, put on make up and read while driving, some incidents leading to car accidents. It’s quite scary as this clearly means the driver is not paying attention to the road and other cars.

Whatever the reasons may be Las Vegas ranks 167 out of 200 cities for having good drivers. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, tanks at the top of the list for safest drivers in the country.

An Allstate spokeswoman says driving more cautiously will save money for all involved in the long run. Less car accidents will mean fewer rate increases. The study discovered that the most accidents nationwide occurred on Friday. Sunday is the second most common night for accidents.