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Jenny Albano

77 More Hepatitis Cases Diagnosed May Be Linked to Vegas Clinic

Seventy-seven more people have been diagnosed with hepatitis C that may be traced to a Las Vegas outpatient clinic, where all these people had been treated.

The 77 people are among about 400…

Peter Wetherall

For Those Testing Positive From Endoscopy Center, New Questions Arise

People who attended our Endoscopy Center informational meetings, as well as others who’ve learned we’re handling these cases, are now receiving word of their test results. While many persons’ fears have been alleviated, some have not been so lucky. As I hear reports back of positive test results from my clients and the clients of other attorneys, I can’t help but think about the battle that…

Peter Wetherall

Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada is Forcibly Closed

The local CBS television affiliate just reported that the City of Las Vegas’s Department of business licensing revoked the business license of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada this afternoon. The principals of that company have been directed to a hearing before the City Council scheduled for Monday, at which time the company will have an opportunity to appeal the Licensing Department’s…

Peter Wetherall

Hepatitis C – HIV Catastrophe at a Las Vegas Endoscopy Center

Six people who underwent procedures at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada have contracted hepatitis C, which has prompted the Southern Nevada Health District to step in and require that notices be sent and testing be provided to 40,000 people who obtained treatment at the facility. An investigation determined that “unsafe injection practices related to the administration of anesthesia…

Peter Wetherall

Irony of Ironies – Government Seeks Payback for Medical Malpractice

I read in this morning’s Las Vegas Review-Journal that in October of this year, the federal government will start declining to pay medicare benefits to providers that commit medical malpractice, or who otherwise perform deficiently. Specifically, when providers commit certain errors, the charge for that procedure or hospitalization will be rejected, as a means of motivating these providers to…

Peter Wetherall

Due to Caps On Damages, Choose Healthcare Providers Carefully

Does it matter which hospital you choose when you’re in need of medical care or surgery? YOU NEED TO KNOW, that if you’re the victim of medical malpractice here in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, your ability to recover damages is dramatically impacted by the hospital involved. Here’s why…Under Nevada law, governmental entities and their employees incur very limited financial…

Chrissie Cole

Jury Awards $26M in Malpractice Lawsuit Over Birth Injuries

A Suffolk Jury awarded $26M to the family of a brain-damaged boy that will never walk or talk due to a botched delivery, at a Boston teaching hospital that caused life long birth injuriesThe verdict, issued Thursday, comes as a relief to the parents that now know what happened to their son, 10, who has cerebral palsy and requires constant around-the-clock care. The malpractice suit was filed…

Chrissie Cole

Woman 0-for-2 with her Lawsuits

Rhode Island Supreme Court recently upheld a Superior Court decision that a Providence law firm wasn’t to blame for a woman losing her medical malpractice lawsuit.Released Monday, the order, says Lois Gullage did not adequately prove her case against Bowerman and Taylor Guretin.The suit alleges the firm did not return her x-rays, which in turn prevented her from acquiring an expert witness for…

Chrissie Cole

Medical Malpractice Settlement could be Capped

A Stark County woman was awarded $1.6 million in her medical malpractice verdict after a 2004 abdominal surgery left her with the loss of 55 centimeters of her bowel, a life threatening infection and chronic diarrhea.Now, the question is, whether the award will remain $1.6 million or will it shrink under the 2003 state legislation that capped medical malpractice damages.The issue at hand is not…

Chrissie Cole

Women Sues Lawyer who vanished after settling Malpractice Lawsuit

Tonya’n LaBeaux has lost faith in the Nevada justice system.Her lawyer is being charged with forging documents that ended her $1.5 million wrongful death lawsuit against a Washoe County doctor and making off with the settlement he negotiated without her consent. To date, the courts have rebuffed her attempts to resurrect her case against the doctor.LaBeaux, now a California resident, is going…