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In Bed Together: The Potential Merger of Teva and Barr

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Las Vegas consumers of generic prescription medication andAmerican consumers have much to be worried about these days. We have discussed theinefficiencies of the FDA (given its current structure and underfunding) and the FDA’s tendency to side with BigPharma in the current administration. Now, we must all be concerned with a possible merger on thehorizon. Who? Teva Pharmaceuticals and Barr. For more on this possible deal clickthese links below:

Deal Information

Press release:

Conference Calls: 7/21/2008 Teva Barr Luncheon

7/18/2008 Teva to Acquire Barr:

If this deal goes through,two of the largest generic companies will merge and they will control a largepart of the generic prescription drug market. This should be a concern for usall. For instance, both of thecompanies manufacture metoclopramide. We know the problems with that drug, we should ask ourselves are thereother problematic drugs too? Howwill this merger affect the American consumer? Will they put patient safety first?