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For Those Testing Positive From Endoscopy Center, New Questions Arise

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People who attended our Endoscopy Center informational meetings, as well as others who’ve learned we’re handling these cases, are now receiving word of their test results. While many persons’ fears have been alleviated, some have not been so lucky. As I hear reports back of positive test results from my clients and the clients of other attorneys, I can’t help but think about the battle that looms ahead to determine which of those people who tested positive for Hepatitis A, B and HIV contracted their virus from the Endoscopy Center, versus some other source.

This is not a question we lawyers can answer. Instead we’ll need to rely on medical experts to guide us. It’s safe to say that not everyone who tested positive after treatment at the Endoscopy Center has a bona fide case, and the assessments of the experts as to whose virus can be reasonably linked to the Endoscopy Center will be an interesting and likely hard-fought one.

Of course, one question that may always remain for those affected and infected: “Can I ever really trust my doctors and nurses again?