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Construction Worker Deaths on Rise In Las Vegas

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Today the Las Vegas Sun reported an increase in construction worker deaths over the past 16 months http://www.lasvegassun.com/spotlight/.  The increase in deaths outpace the national average for similar workplace injuries.    Some construction injuries are unavoidable, after all it is the nature of the job.   How many times have you passed by a construction site and glanced up at the workers who seem to be without fear as they walk on skinny steel beams and go about their job?     But, a workplace injury should never occur because of shortcuts or because a contractor is trying to meet a deadline. 
If you experience a workplace injury, the injury should be reported immediately and legal assistance may become necessary.    If you want to read additional information about workplace injuries, you may find the State of Nevada’s worker’s compensation webpage at http://dirweb.state.nv.us/WCS/employee.htm helpful.